Located in one of the oldest Chinese universities and, the most dynamic city of China, the Asian Law Center sincerely welcomes the support for its work from every side of society and from each of you. Currently, the Center consists of three research offices, i.e. the Office on the Law of East-Asian Countries, the Office on the Law of Southern and South-Eastern Asian Countries, and the Office on the Law of Central and Western Asian Countries. The research fellows are both from inside and outside of the Koguan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

        The Center will start its work by focusing on academic exchanges, international conferences and publications of our research work. Specifically, we may accept a few visiting scholars to deliver their speeches or to do some research programs at our Center either for their sabbatical leave or for a short period. We will also send our research fellows abroad for collaborations with other universities of Asian countries. The Center will organize one or two international conferences on a specific topic each year. The papers of the participants will be published afterwards. Meanwhile, we may also accept some research programs entrusted by governments and private companies.

Regional Cooperation and Free Trade Agreements in Asia