Asian Law Center Invited Lawyer Fang, Senior Partner of DaCheng Law Office, as a Visting Researcher

on the moring of October 21, Professor Hu Jiaxiang, director of the Asian Law Center, met with lawyer Fang, senior partner of DaCheng law office, at 315 meeting room in the KoGuan Law Building in the Xuhui Campus. Mrs. Yuan, deputy director of administrative office, participated in the reception.

First, Professor Hu welcomed the participating in Asian Law Center of lawyer Fang warmly, and had a simple communication with lawyer Fang. Mr. Fang had a simply introduction on the international department of DaCheng law office. While, Professor Hu also gave a briefly introduction of Asian Law Center to Mr. Fang. The two sides found that there existed some common points between the research orientation of Asian Law Center and some business field of International Department, especially in Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and Shanghai Free Trade zone,etc.

The two sides had in-depth negotiations with some future cooperation projects. Professor Hu had mentioned that, the center has three emphasis: holding international symposium, publishing high quality collected papers and establishing special research funds. The first two work had already in progress, the following pivotal is mainly to establish long-term and effective cooperation mechanize with social units. Professor Hu hoped that DaCheng law office is willing to set up special research funds together with the Asian Law Center, so that to support the long-term development of the center. Lawyer Fang expressed that DaCheng law office is very willing to cooperate with the Asian Law Center, and he himself was interested in the cooperation programme which was mentioned by Professor Hu during the meeting.

The two sides had reached an agreement of cooperation intention. Asian Law Center will continue to push forward the cooperation with social units in the future, and promotes the further conjunction between the theoretical research and legal practice.

Professor Hu(left), Lawyer Fang(center), Mrs. Yuan(right) took a photograph