Asian Law Center Invited Lawyer Yao, Senior Partner of XieLi Law Office, as a Visting Researcher

At 10:00 on the moring of October 18, Professor Hu Jiaxiang, director of the Asian Law Center, met with lawyer Yao, senior partner of XieLi law office, at 315 meeting room in the KoGuan Law Building in the Xuhui Campus. Mrs. Yuan, deputy director of administrative office, participated in the reception.

Professor Hu welcomed the participating in Asian Law Center of lawyer Yao warmly. He introduced the original intention of foundation, the positioning and the future development for Yao in detail. Lawyer Yao talked about some understandings briefly with the development of Asian Law Center and the rule of law from his years working experience and his own interests.

The two sides had in-depth negotiations with some future cooperation projects. Professor Hu had mentioned that, our center intend to cooperate with the press BRIL, which is the most prestigious press in Europe. The two sides intend to publish the Asian Law series. We also will convoke some high quality small seminars by using the way of “associating by means of literature”, and will invite a dozen internationally renowned scholars to our seminars at the appointed time. The center will hold a seminar on December 14 this year, which the theme is “Asian’s regional cooperation and free trade”. Professor Hu hoped that the XieLi law office will give some support to the seminar. Whereafter, Mrs. Yuan introduced the basic situation of the foreign cooperation. After in-depth exchanges, lawyer Yao expressed that he is ready to give some support to the seminar, and very willing to cooperate with koGuan law school. The two sides had reached an agreement of cooperation intention.

Professor Hu(left), Lawyer Yao(center), Mrs. Yuan(right) took a photograph