The First Workshop(2013) of Asian Law Center was Held

At noon of May, 15,2013, The first workshop(2013) of the Asian law center was held in Minhang Campus. The leaders of law school and members of Asian law center were participated in this workshop. It explicated the center’s missions and some relevant institutions.

Professor Hu, the director of Asian law center, introduced the position of the center to dean Ji Weidong, vice-dean Yang Li and other teachers of the center. The position mainly is that the center is not limited in one profession field, but rather to become a platform for the communication of the whole school and Asia. Therefore, it need to build a series of brand project, and establish a long sustainable mechanism. Then, Professor Hu introduced the current works and the work plan. The preliminary works such as establishing contact with the similar foreign research institutions and Setting up center website were laid a solid foundation for the next step work. At present, the center has been to determine the applications or are preparing to hold activities are: Asian law BBS, special visiting research funds, Asia law workshops, publishing academic journals, affording the speech and communication platform, etc. Namely, just to promote the two main works: academic research and personnel exchange.

Teachers who were participated in the workshop put forward suggestions to the center and communicate their work thinking. Dean Ji and vice-dean Yang expressed support for the center work, and put forward some concrete suggestions, such as integrating internal resources and applying for external funding,etc.

The meeting also determine the rules of procedure in the future. This workshop is the first plenary session since the establishment of the center, it reached good results that explicated work projects, and pool our wisdom together.